YouTube Series Coming Soon!

This project is in pre-production.  It will no longer be live action, but played out with action figures in the style of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken.  Filming will begin Fall 2022.  I am currently looking for voice actors, 1:6 scale dolls and toy sets, as well as exclusive music.

K.I.D. Adventures Trailer


KU is shortened for the “known universe”.

Ela Feylon Zalothian

Ela Feylon Born in 4671.  Married Marcus Zalothian in 4700.  Mother of Galus and Galun Zalothian in 4701.   She becomes Queen in 4830 and still reigns after the new era.


GalaxiEntertainment is a division of GalaxiCorp built in to monitor and skillfully prepare “news” and “entertainment” to evoke specific emotions to balance the emotional health of the citizens of the KU as needed.  Created in 2526.

Bio-Tekk Labs

Bio-Tekk Labs is a division of GalaxiCorp controlling  these projects: The K.I.D. Project, NutriCorp, and Planetary Services since 2231.  It was GalaxiCorp's flagship division.